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Article Date(s): 11/03/2020

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Interview with Co-Founder & CEO Richard Pollock of Ener-C Canada

What motivated you to come out with your product line?

For almost my entire life I have been a user of vitamin C and multi vitamins. As a child I was diagnosed with severe hyperactivity ADHD and a slew of other developmental disabilities. Fortunately I was treated by a founding member of the orthomolecular society named Dr Abram Hoffer who treated me with mega doses of vitamin B’s & C. As I grew up I was always grateful for the treatment I received and the life change that Vitamin C gave me.  Whilst I was in College, I handed out Vitamin C to my friends it wasn’t long before I began to be known as the Vitamin C dealer. In the late 2000s I discovered a great Vitamin C product, but I knew I could make one better by focusing on quantity and quality of the ingredients. Years later my lifelong dream was fulfilled, and Ener-C was born.

How long have you been making it and what have you learnt in the journey in making such a product?

The first purchase order of Ener-C was June 8th, 2013. Since then we have learned so many lessons in the process. At the start of this journey we set high standards on quality and sourcing, we didn’t anticipate how many challenges would come with needing to meet our own requirements every production run! We are so proud that we have continued to meet those standards but there have been many sleepless nights to get where we are now, and I expect many more to come, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why is your product different from your competition? Although to many it may not appear at first, but Ener-C is different in many ways. How?

  • • We are the only multivitamin drink mix that is certified non-GMO.
  • • We contain significantly less sugar than others on the market and now we have a completely sugar free option! No other competitor can say that!
  • • We use mineral ascorbate which is a pH balancing form of Vitamin C and much gentler on the digestive tract.
  • • We use no artificial flavours and our bright colours are derived entirely from food and fruit sources!
  • • Fun fact: Our Ener-C Raspberry and Tangerine & Grapefruit is coloured with purple beet!

Who are you and who is behind your company? My name is Richard Pollock and I am the co-founder of Ener-C. But there is much more to the company than me. We are a small and mighty team made up of individuals who really care not only about our brand but our customers and their consumers.

Sarah DeMaere, Mark Stirling, Chloe Holyman, Kenny Vannucci, Jennifer Bouteiller, Dani Le, Stella Seigel, Noel Hines, Aja Puglia, Amruta Kadam, Javier Leiva Risso, Sara Walker, Maja Knipp, Jasmine Bailey and Dean Demaere.

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