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Article Date(s): 11/04/2020

Interview with Aeryon Ashlie, owner Aeryon Wellness

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What motivated you to come out with your product line?

I went on a journey to “heal myself” after struggling for some time with issues related to hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue, and insomnia.  With my knowledge, experience, and understanding gained through my professional career as a trainer, and coach, I decided to put that to practice in areas of supplementation, mental, emotional and physical well-being.

The physical part meant nutrition and exercise for sure, and then working diligently with one of the leading formulators in Canada, we incorporated those essential scientifically proven ingredients that gave my body those added and needed support.  Aeryon Wellness was born as a result of my own journey, and I am committed to providing supplements that are proven in making a difference for women.

How long have you been making it and what have you learned in the journey in making such a product?

Since launching in Feb 2019 our goal was to “Empower Women With Holistic Health.” This means the food we eat, the relationships we keep, daily movement and high quality support supplementation. There is no shortcut to lasting health and wellness but daily actions that lead to new results.

Why is your product different from your competition?

Aeryon Wellness is one of the only Canadian companies that are female focused, owned and operated. Our formulas are composed of scientifically proven ingredients that support your health and wellness needs while bringing your body back into balance. Additionally since we launched the brand a portion of each bottle sold is donated to the “Downtown East Side Women’s Shelter.”

Who are you or who is behind your company?

My role as a mother, entrepreneur, #1 best-selling author and a 20+ year career as a health and fitness coach has led me to appreciate that each person must find their own path to health and wellness. I believe there is never a magic pill, but rather a holistic approach that honours the mind, body and spirit. By using a combination of whole natural foods, movement, meditation and top quality supplements, I have found freedom from weight gain, low libido, stress, anxiety, gut health and hormonal imbalance. My hope is other women experience Aeryon Wellness products making a difference in their health and wellness journey.

Aeryon Ashlie

For more information about Aeryon Wellness visit their website


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