Get to know Oneroot Inc

Article Date(s): 12/28/2020

Interview with Kevin Park at Oneroot Inc.

December 17th, 2020

My father had been keeping bees back in Korea 40 something years ago. When he came to Canada in the 90's, he had heard about the Canadian honey and how good it was supposed to be given the vast nature with clean floral sources.

Canadian honeys he found were good, but he thought it could be better. In 2015, I wanted to join him to find the cleanest land available so that we can start producing the highest quality honey ourselves.

After lots of research, we learned that the best honey comes from the Boreal Forest regions.

We also wanted to give confidence to consumers by testing our honey at University of Guelph for traces of pesticides and antibiotics.

We're different because we only produce honey in the Boreal Forest regions aways from conventional farms and industries. We ensure antibiotics have not been used on bees and that natural beekeeping methods are used.

We focus on the health of the bees because we believe the best honey comes from healthy bees.

We're a small family business. My father, mother, wife and brother are all involved in running things here at Oneroot Inc.


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